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(posted: Mar, 2019)

With western Monarch butterfly populations down to critical survival levels, it's more important than ever to help sustain these amazing creatures by growing the only thing their young can eat - milkweed!

Overwintering Hummingbirds in the Rogue Valley

(posted: Mar, 2019)

You can help these tiny birds survive tough winter conditions with just a few additions to your feeder.


(posted: Feb, 2019)

Even if it is 100 degrees out, do not water twice a day or even every day. The plants cant take up that much water because they shut down in extreme heat. Most water-wise garden plants need a period to dry out between watering sessions.

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Garden pests

(posted: Jul, 2018)

Plagued by something eating leaves on your favorite plants? This time of year, chances are the pest is the nocturnal earwig.