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blogs from 2024

Ready, Set, Grow! Milkweed Part 2

(posted: Jan, 2024)

Your milkweed seeds have been in the fridge chillin' for 8 weeks and now it's time to get them out and start germination!


(posted: Jan, 2024)

Although Western Monarch Butterfly populations seem to be rebounding from near-extinction levels, it's more important than ever to help sustain these amazing creatures by growing the only thing their young can eat - milkweed!!

blogs from 2023

Overwintering Hummingbirds in the Rogue Valley

(posted: Sep, 2023)

You can help these tiny birds survive tough winter conditions with just a few additions to your feeder.


(posted: Aug, 2023)

Even if it is 100 degrees out, do not water twice a day or even every day. The plants cant take up that much water because they shut down in extreme heat. Most water-wise garden plants need a period to dry out between watering sessions.

blogs from 2022

Pruning Lavender

(posted: Aug, 2022)

Proper pruning at the right times will maintain healthy, bushy lavender and increase flower production for next year.

Spring Garden

(posted: Mar, 2022)

This Spring is different. There's no denying that! Even if you're isolating and staying at home, we are all still tending our gardens and planning how to make them not only more colorful but more functi*nal for pollinators of all kinds.

blogs from 2020

Fall Gardening

(posted: Sep, 2020)

As the daylight shortens and summer flowers fade, there are still some plants that will sustain pollinators and birds until late in the Fall.

Summer Bloomers

(posted: Jul, 2020)

What's blooming in the butterfly garden in July? From cool colors to HOT colors, July has the day length and temperature to nurture the plants that pollinators can't resist.

Garden pests

(posted: Jun, 2020)

Plagued by something eating leaves on your favorite plants? This time of year, chances are the pest is the nocturnal earwig.

Clean up

(posted: Mar, 2020)

Now that the days are staying lighter and the outdoor temperatures are milder, we find ourselves itching to get out in our gardens and play.