Professional Native Landscape Design

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Native Garden Design

There are surprisingly few plants that are both native to the Rogue Valley and that can survive in your garden, but that should not stop you from focusing on them.

Butterfly-Friendly Gardens

These lush spaces offer sustenance to the entire "pollinator community" (butterflies, birds, bees) while adding color, movement and life to your landscape and surrounding neighborhood.

Drought Tolerant Gardens

Although we are in Oregon, this is not the Pacific Northwest! The best way to characterize our Rogue Valley is that it is a "Summer Dry" climate. We celebrate plants that naturally thrive with less irrigation in the summer and receive most of their water as rain in our wet winters.

Garden Redesign

Reimagine your garden with our help. We can help you plan a new garden using plants and techniques of which you may not be aware.

Photo-realistic Design

We use state-of-the-art 3D systems to make it possible for you to see a representation of your new garden before we have purchased plants or dug a single hole.

Talks and Presentations

Robin McKenzie is an experienced presenter and public speaker. Her signature talk, Creating a Butterfly Garden, is popular all over the Rogue Valley.