Professional Native Landscape Design

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Landscaping with Native Plants

"Throughout suburbia, we have decimated the native plant diversity that historically supported our favorite birds and mammals. Properly designed gardens tie our homes to the surrounding landscape as well as provide an outlet for artistic expression". ~ Douglas Tallamy, Bringing Nature Home

Homeowners can make a real difference in the future of biodiversity of native plants and animals, as well as the ecosystems that sustain them, simply by planting native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants where practical.

When considering natives for your garden, it's important to note that many of the plants you see in the wild in your area simply won't thrive or even survive in a cultivated garden. In recent years, though, more local nurseries have begun identifying and growing native plants that do adapt well to suburban garden conditions. Of course, some native shrubs and plants are particularly tempting to deer and rabbits, so it's important to choose natives for your garden space carefully.

Rockbird Gardens can integrate natives into your existing garden and replace lawn or other landscape areas with a combination of natives and complementary non-native plantings to bring new life to your outdoor space and enhance the ecosystem of your neighborhood!

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