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Butterfly-Friendly Gardens

Butterfly gardens are one of our specialties!

These lush spaces offer sustenance to the entire "pollinator community" (butterflies, birds, bees) while adding color, movement and life to your landscape and surrounding neighborhood.

Any yard space that gets at least 8-10 hours of sunshine will support the types of plants needed by butterflies and other pollinators.

Bonus! Butterfly gardens are also deer-resistant!

Many of the plants we use are naturally deer resistant because they are "herbal" in nature and are either fragrant or contain oils that are unpleasant to deer and rabbits. Think of rosemary and lavender.

We also try to integrate native host plants needed for butterfly egg-laying into the garden. More caterpillars in your garden mean more food for baby birds!

We can add a butterfly garden to an existing landscape, or substitute a butterfly garden for lawn turf that is no longer wanted.