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OLLI: Planning & Growing a Garden for Biodiversity

Monarch Waystation

UPDATE: This session is now FULL, and sign ups are waitlist-only!

I've included tons of great, useable information in this class to set you on the path to designing your own butterfly garden to support biodiversity.

What: Planning and Growing a Garden for Biodiversity
Where: Online via ZOOM
Dates: Wednesdays, starting January 17th
Time: 11:00 am to 12:30 pm
Registration: CLOSED

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This is an interactive lecture course presented from an artistic and amateur scientific point of view and is designed to appeal to all levels of butterfly, gardening, and wildlife enthusiasts.

During the four class meetings, we will review the underlying principles of habitat creation, then go through the steps needed to create multi-seasonal butterfly and pollinator habitats.

We'll discuss:

  • habitat
  • soil
  • basic design principles
  • growing from seed
  • planting for sustained bloom
  • create your own garden design in an interactive exercise

NO textbook is required, and you do not need a large garden to participate. The basic principles discussed can easily be used in small spaces such as flower pots on balconies, small raised beds, or any number of planting alternatives.

Activities outside the classroom are optional and include:

  • measuring the area selected to design the student's own butterfly garden
  • observing and noting solar aspect
  • noting shade areas
  • identifying where buildings are in relation to the planned garden

After taking this mini-course, students who install a butterfly or native garden as outlined should be able to qualify for certification as a monarch butterfly way station, a Rogue Valley pollinator-friendly site, or a certified wildlife habitat garden.

Some of the content for this class is based on Eileen Stark's book "Real Gardens Grow Natives," which explores the relationship between native plants and biodiversity in our local ecosystem and points the way to sustaining the local wildlife we so enjoy in our gardens and beyond. This will give students the understanding that great beauty can be achieved while simultaneously increasing biodiversity with native plants.