Professional Native Landscape Design

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Photo-realistic Design

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Photo-realistic design enables a homeowner to visualize a fully mature garden in a way that little circles on a map don't. Detailed landscape architecture drawings are very useful when a lot of hardscape and engineering is necessary. But in the case of a small garden, it is far more economical for the client to be able to see a garden and change parts of the design before anyone has even put a shovel in the soil.

Rockbird Gardens specializes in Photo Realistic Design.

Here's an example of the process:

Garden before any landscape design

This homeowner wanted to improve curb appeal and enjoy the view from her porch on a sunny morning. The photo above is before any design elements were added.

First garden design

The photo above shows our design based on the owner's first request, including lots of flowering plants and shrubs.

However, when she realized the maintenance required for that kind of garden, she asked if we could do something simpler and less labor-intensive.

First revision of the garden design

Above you can see the first revision we did, which reduced the number of plants and changed some to hardier species.

Final landscape design for the garden

Finally, working together, we came up with a more minimal, Asian-inspired design, seen above. The homeowner was thrilled with the design and the real-life results, and finds elements in this garden that please her in every season.

Our photo-realistic design process can help you "see" your perfect garden too!